Friday, December 24, 2010

...last entry for 2010

Well this will be my last 'practise post'.  I am pretty happy with 365's look and have had some constructive feedback.  I am glad I had a trial run because it was a bit trickier than I thought it would be. I am also a bit more aware of the discipline needed to do a 365 blog.

 I thought it might be a good idea to get one more photo for 2010...maybe 'happy' people in funny Christmas groups enjoying Christmas Eve....the Christmas tree ....the lights. There is lots  happening this afternoon in the park but I decided to leave the Christmas theme to next year.

Instead I have a pic of this couple...dead to the world...unaware of the celebrations going on around them...maybe one to many Christmas cheer drinks or maybe they have just arrived from overseas and have no where to stay.  What I like most about this scene is the way the bags are just dumped. I wonder what their story is...and that is why I love Hyde many stories.

see ya on 1-1-11

...springtime in the park means

Went for an early morning walk...trying to miss the madness of Christmas Eve...and came across these two lovely guys...Leigh and Mark.  They are two of the gardeners that keep Hyde Park looking so great.  Leigh was keen for a chat and we discussed how hard is was, with all the rain, keeping the weeds under control. As you can see from the pictures below, they had a busy morning ahead of them.  When you are next inthe park don't hesitate to stop and let the guys know how much you appreciate their work.  You never know, you might walk away with a little plant, like I did!

Spingtime in the parks means.......

grab a hole digger

get down on you hunches

and plant


grab the hole digger again


there are plenty more out the back

Thursday, December 23, 2010

David and Aussie

David is a young guy just trying to get by.  Aussie is his mate. 
David found Aussie in a cage...blind in one eye and wings clipped. 
Now Aussie gets to meet lots of people, eat green grapes
and enjoy David's company, a lesson

Important learning role it is to take photos...not to judge..either my subjects or my pics.  I am using this project as a way to improve my explore a place I tell a story.  I will make mistakes (like yesterday's overexposed photos) and hopefully learn from these mistakes but  if I get to precious I will miss the shot...if I start thinking to much about the subject...I will miss the shot...I will always aim for the perfect photo but ...better to capture the moment than miss it because of  fear.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

...Mr Men chess championships

Walking back from Christmas shopping I came across the
Mr Men Chess Championships. 

There was a big crowd and the tension was palable

 .... I managed to push my way to the front just in time to see
Mr Happy defeat Mr Smiley

.... it was a clever and unexpected manoeuvre

but the game ended in handshakes all round

Mr Smiley was heard to say that he had let Mr Happy win


Mr Happy looked very confident and I think it was a well deserved win

after the gane there was much discussion about tactics...

and what could have been...

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Have been reading a book called '30 Minute Social Media Marketing' by Susan Gunelius.  Big section on blogging. Susan recommends research ...looking at other blogs...know your subject last night I decided to watch Julie & Julia (recommended by everyone when they hear about my blog!) ...probably not the type of research that Susan had in mind but helpful just the same.  I have avoided this flick as I thought it was about cooking...not my thing...but it is also a great insight into blogging.  Maybe I should have watched it before committing to this project!!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

..some past shots

...the poor ibis..rats of Hyde Park ...friendly  though
 I might do a whole week of park benches that would be interesting
...don't you think...well maybe not..

Friday, December 17, 2010

...about to launch

About to launch and a bit nervous.

...what will I do if I run out of interesting shots?
...what will I do  if I can't get to the park?
...what will I do if nobody is interested?

Oh they say...just do it and see what happens. are some practice pics

Men at work


Morning Tai chi

After work  fitness

Delivery time

Strange strange plant

Curly curly plant

Thursday, December 16, 2010 for some history

18th Century

The area we now call Hyde Park becomes a place where soldiers can be assembled quickly in case of a convict rebellion. It is probably the site of a bloody battle between Aborigines and Europeans for control of the land around Sydney.


Hyde Park gazetted as a ‘common’ by Governor Macquarie and named after Hyde Park in London.

19th Century

Hyde Park becomes the location of Sydney's first sports centre and racecourse. Prize fights and cricket matches are held. Gradually the park becomes a place for more passive recreation and it becomes more like an English garden.
Trams in Elizabeth St early 1900's


Hyde Park is virtually destroyed after being dug up to make Sydney’s underground railway line. As the underground tunnels for the railway were formed by extensive excavations from ground level, much of the vegetation is destroyed. According to the Sydney Morning Herald of 21 May 1929, the southern end of the park, where the ANZAC Memorial now stands was a mountain of excavated soil and the southwest corner had been a railway construction site for more than twelve years.

Norman' design


A competition for a “comprehensive layout and beautification scheme” for the park is won by architect and landscape architect, Norman Weekes. Hyde Park as we know it largely reflects this plan.


After 60 years of ad-hoc changes, a comprehensive Plan of Management is prepared for Hyde Park which guides the restoration of the park toward the original 1927 principles.


City of Sydney announces a new draft Plan of Management and Masterplan for Hyde Park, true to the original plan but designed to preserve the park throughout the 21st Century.

Friday, November 26, 2010

...the plan

Basically I will  drop into Hyde Park everyday and take photographys of what is happening.  It might be a leaf, person, tourist, drop of rain, festival, bench...however, the subject is not as important as the story. 

My aim is to capture a moment in time and the story of that moment.

I will also research the history of Hyde Park, search for old photos and write about what I find.

Hyde Park is an old friend of mine and now I want to spend some quality time with her.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

..the why

Living and working in Woolloomooloo means that I need a bit of green space...and Hyde Park is that is my backyard. Everyday there is something to see.  Music, food festivals and tourist.  Homeless people, gardeners and wedding photographers.  You never know what you might come across when you take a short cut through the park.

My passion is photography.  When not working (and sometimes when working)  I think about; read about; look at or take photographs. Photography absorbs me. Or as a friend said ‘you are immersed’ (sounds better than obsessed).   On a recent stroll through Hyde Park I was pondering on the idea of a project.  Long term... something that I love, know and can share.  A project to photograph, research and write about.  Close to home. All weather and anytime access.   Something that would challenge me, build my photography skills ...  what to do...what to do...

365 Hyde Park is born. 
2011 - a year in the life of a city park.