Sunday, January 2, 2011 and muggy

Hot and steamy in Sydney today.  Did not feel like venturing out but around 4pm there was a bit of a drop in temperature.  You know how it gets in Sydney just before a southerly hits...windy...muggy...anticipation of a storm.
Grabbed my camera and hot footed it up to the park. It was nice under the trees and there were lots of people laying on the grass. Family groups mainly ... late Sunday afternoon picnics. The wind was sending spray from the fountain all over the kids and there was one man sitting with his feet in the water.

 Nothing really grabbed me though.   Maybe it was just my mood.  But I was very uninspired...

I felt a few drops of rain so decided to walk down the avenue of trees towards Park Street. That is when I heard Paul.  I love the sax and Paul looked the way a  jazz muso should.  Now I know nothing about music, but I think the heat might have got to Paul.  He was not really playing a tune.  Just making sounds. Almost like he was practising some notes.  Didn't matter.  He was a nice guy (with a great hair ). It was hard for him to talk with a sax in his mouth but he was happy for his photo to be taken.

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