Saturday, January 1, 2011 one 1.1.11 New Year's Eve

Day one of 365 HydePark.  Set the alarm for 5am but slept through it - jumped out of bed around 7am.  As I walked up past St Mary's Cathedral I realised how quite the streets were.  Maybe there would be nothing to photograph.  Maybe day one's pic would be just some blades of grass.  But then I saw the sign below - big and bold -
there had to be a story here.

 And there was - Justin and his partner had been in the park all night. 
Feeding the hungry New Year's Eve revellers. 
They worked right through the night... 
the only quiet time was around 4am. 
But why were they still there?

Well, just as every hotel room in Sydney was booked out for New Years Eve, so were all the park benches in Hyde Park.  Bodies everywhere - sleeping off the night - bottles of coke and water by their side.

 Lots and lots of headaches

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Anita said...

What a find! And love the shots of people on the benches. Great start - congrats!